Please Follow my blog with Bloglovin Poodles, doodles, caboodles…ah, noodles! A well known, easily prepared dish that is an absolute delicacy when seasoned just right. When we hear noodles, we think of China which is because it was mainly from there. Noodles are consumed everyday all over the world, whether restaurant-bought or a simple preparation…

Red Velvet Cake

    Have you ever gotten that feeling when a piece of your favorite cake enters your mouth and you’re immediately transported to heaven, like magic? As all the flavors collided with your taste buds, a thrill of excitement ran along your nerves resulting in a big smile on your face. Well it was the…


The Turkish words for ‘food’ are gıda, yiyecek, yemek, besin, yiyecekler and yem.   You can click on the picture to visit pixabay.


The German words for ‘food’ are das Essen, die Lebensmittel, die Nahrung, das Nahrungsmittel, die Küche, die Verpflegung, das Futter, die Ernährung, die Speise, die Kost, das Fressen and der Fraß.    You can click on the picture to visit pixabay.

Fish Fillet

    Wherever you are in the world there are always major fans of seafood. Thus, here’s a special edition with a French fried fish fillet. This boneless piece of basa was double coated with a seasoned batter and deeply fried to a golden brown finish. The coriander, masala, onion puree, scotch bonnet and chili…


The Hungarian words for ‘food’ are élelmiszer, étel and élelem.   You can click on the picture to visit pixabay.