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Poodles, doodles, caboodles…ah, noodles! A well known, easily prepared dish that is an absolute delicacy when seasoned just right. When we hear noodles, we think of China which is because it was mainly from there.

Noodles are consumed everyday all over the world, whether restaurant-bought or a simple preparation of the classic ‘Ramen‘. You might be reading this and enjoying some noodles right now…or you just did. It can also be that this post has put you in the mood for some noodles and you want to go and make some right now. Noodles are enjoyed by both the young and old. It is also fun to eat as you quickly pull the long, strings into your mouth with a ‘slurping’ sound.

The noodles above were chicken flavored and seasoned with oregano just to add a little zing!

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